I am a weapon of internet dragon destruction.

Sinestra is dead. Dragonslayer is the new fashion choice this summer in Stormwind on Moonrunner. While this only brings Marshmallows to 11/13H, the hardest fight, the biggest prize, is now done and the rest of tier 11 is just a matter of mopping things up at whatever pace we feel like. The princess is not in another castle. We broke Bowser’s back and the Duke Nukem theme started playing. Damn, I’m good.

I’m making this post because I want to tell everyone out there, everyone who’s 6/13 and still fighting, everyone who’s 2/13 and struggling along, everyone who got to 8/12N or 10/12N and gave up – Heroic Raids Are Awesome. If you’re considering whether or not to stick it out, I’m here to tell you that the later heroic bosses get more, and more, and more awesome as you go along. Getting the first 7/13 was fun, but it mostly just felt like practice, practice for the big angry endbosses that will push you in a way that makes you want more of this whole raiding thing. Getting to the Super Bowl of t11 made our people better at this game – and we were already really good to begin with, mind – such that after murdering Nef and Chogall we took in a hilarious halftime show and killed Conclave in an hour, from our first serious pull ever to dead heroic monsters. Despite being completely terrible at Throne and avoiding it on purpose for months.

From there, we decided that 5 months of doing the same bosses was enough; it’s time for new stuff. Rather than get to 12/13 like most groups do and leave the hardest fight (which it is, on 10) for last, we wanted the big gold. We wanted something we hadn’t already killed on normal every week prior. We wanted Sinestra. We fell down that hole and felt pretty good about our chances. Then we got crushed. Then we got crushed some more. I don’t think we made it past phase 1 a single time on our first night. All our glorious raider muscles and suave gameplay and Super Bowl experience didn’t mean nothin’ to this chick. We didn’t even make the friend zone. The phone number she gave us turned out to be a dry cleaner on the lower East Side.

Then we got mad.

Getting mad proved to be important. Our phase 1 dps shot up by 30% overnight (not even joking), and I may or may not have learned how to make the boss pause hitting me by shouting YOU CAN’T STEP TO THIS at my computer. She hits pretty hard, so you can imagine how this came in handy. We learned how to ride the red-and-purple beam like a surfboard and soon, every night we spent would get the boss a little bit lower. Finally, on the last hour of the last day of our raid week, we became the US-31st 10man to finish what Deathwing started. The whole realm received word, as everyone got 10 lines of spam from us. We won tier 11.

Even if you don’t get to 13/13 before 4.2, I want you to know: this is a fight worth doing. It’s the kind of fight that will get a lot easier once you can overgear it. It’s the kind of fight where there are at least 4 different ways of beating it (at least on 10). It’s the kind of fight that doesn’t care how well you did on the other, punier endbosses, you’re still going to get owned by your friends with a giant purple death-laser. And you’re going to like it.


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