Burn and Drown and Crush and Suffocate

I’m tempted to take back everything I said about heroic tier 11 being awesome. I’m tempted to stop this rollercoaster ride entirely and burn down the whole theme park for the insurance money. The reason for this sudden change is that Marshmallows is currently in the thick of week 1 on Heroic Ascendant Council. The fun factor, going from Sinestra to heroic AC, is like going from 10/10 to something more like -3. I want my dragons back. Unfortunately for me, I think the others might actually be enjoying this fight, and I doubt some of our raid could hate any fight more than they hated Sinestra. Opinion is split.

There’s an old meme that Illidari Council is “THE SUPER BOWL OF NOT STANDING IN THINGS”. Heroic Ascendant Council is the Super Bowl of something very specific that my raid is traditionally bad at (and most raids despise). It has elements of Heroic Conclave, Heroic Zul’Gurub, Heroic Nefarian, Heroic Tron Council, BQL, Algalon (yes, really), and more! In fact this fight has a lot of elements. All at once. You are going to burn and drown and crush and suffocate. We sure as hell are, for the moment.


Update! With some changes to our strat, fight actually became fun! The fight also became dead. Even with all its punishing, punishing elements, the numbers-check on the fight is quite lenient and once we got good at the mechanics it only took a few more pulls. 12/13.


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