About Arazu

I’ve been playing Warcraft for about five years now. I’ve been involved in MMOs since February 1999, and I’ve been a top-end raider since 2000. For several years I was the healing officer of a top 75 world-ranked guild and then a top 8 world-ranked guild, raiding 6-7 day, 35-hour weeks and playing seriously. I’ve been involved in a few top-10 kills and a single world-first, a raid which also included four different Blizzard developers before they were hired to work on WoW.

Since 2008, I’ve left healing behind entirely to become a tank. I have never had a single regret about this change, and I like tanking so much that I no longer have any characters that do anything else. I’ve also left the serious-business raid schedule behind, and am currently the main tank and quarterback of a casual 3-day raid group that does heroic 10s. It’s hard to be tremendously serious as a raider when your guild is called Marshmallows. We recently scored a kill that was US-11th, which is pretty fantastic for a casual group.

Double Protection

“Double Prot” is a term for a tank that has devoted both specs to tanking. In an era where everyone is generally expected to have some kind of damage spec (priests sometimes excluded), double prot tanks are the rare few tanks that are willing to (and allowed to) give up being able to not-tank in order to get a little bit more flexibility in what they really want to do, which is tank. That’s me.

I’m going to be writing mostly about raiding. My perspective is as a tank, but as the quarterback for my raid I generally know every aspect of the fights I do. I have experience with all four tanks, and I’m knowledgeable enough to theorycraft about all four, but my overwhelming preference is the Warrior.

Arazu – Protection/Protection Warrior


2 responses to “About Arazu

  1. Was wondering if you minded if we tossed a link to your blog on our guild webpage? We decided to make a specific tab for the various WoW bloggers and figured since you were on Moonrunner you’d be a good blog to have.

    Feel free to email me or just hit me up ingame.
    (have an alliance dk gorinĂ´(alt 0244))

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